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eFAX – a modern solution for sending and receiving fax messages


- Reception of fax messages in a digital form in e-mail, and sending of fax messages in PDF format - Electronic archiving of the received and sent fax messages - Possibility to retain your existing fax number or use new numbers (Number ranges of all regions in Latvia are available to Telegroup) - Possibility to receive fax messages froma single number (up to five e-mails at the same time) - Individual fax numbers for each employee.

To obtain more detailed information on e-FAX services and to inform to which e-mail address (addresses) you would like to receive incoming fax messages please contact your Telegroup Manger!


Implementation: free of charge

Monthly fee for reception of fax messages : EUR 1,00

Monthly fee for reception and sending fax messages : EUR 4,00

Rates: the charge for sent messages according to the tariff stipulated in the agreement, i.e., time-based payment like payments for phone calls plus connection fee.

Rates: here


eFAX reception : Indicate e-mail addresses to which you wish to receive incoming fax messages. If you prefer using your existing fax number, please, indicate it. If you wish a new number (numbers), please, indicate the region or regions and the number you wish to use for eFAX. We will allocate you the number!

eFAX sending : It is used for sending your e-mail application, include all the emails from which (s) you want to send eFax. Each e-mail will have its own unique identifier (for security reasons). Only pdf and TIFF format documents can be sent, which is attached as an e-mail attachment. PDF is a very popular document format, a free of charge software is available.

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