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Technology and Equipment

Modern telecommunications equipment solutions:

Providing modern and customer-friendly communication solutions, Telegroup uses proven technologies (for instance, ISDN, analogue lines) and technologies currently undergoing tremendous progress and growth (for example, VoIP – voice over Internet Protocol or IP telephony).

Skilfully applying the complex technologies, Telegroupprovidesits customers simple, easy to understand and reliable solutions as the companyis able to implementhighly customized and personalized tasks.

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol):

VoIP stands for a set of technological solutions, SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) being the most significant among them.

SIP ensures reliable and quality transmission of voice over the Internet, thus making the access networks simpler (cable, radio and optic fibre lines connecting an operator with its customers) as there is one (unified) network infrastructure for data transmission and telephony.

Moreover, additional functions of telephony can be implemented simpler (voice recording, conference calls, video calls, call centre solutions, etc.); these were options that previously required expensive additional equipment, but now they can be provided easy and simple.

SIP servers use software similar to that used for computers! We all know, how easy it is to store a large amount of data on a computer, to record music and video call a friend.

You can buy telecommunication equipment and its solutions in our company.

Telephony equipment and solutions for rent:

Moreover, we offer the lease of the equipment and a complete telephony solution that ensures an option to implement modern technologies without large initial investments and procurement of the equipment.


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Other services - Hardware and technical issues
Our aim is to offer a more advantageous alternative solution over your existing fixed telecommunication services. We are open for new opportunities and challenges, taking care of the company, its customers and employees.