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Auto Call Centre (ACC)

Unique service:

How much time and resources do you spend on calling your customers and partners reminding or informing of payments for services, invoices, etc.?

We have a solution to simplify this process – Auto Call Centre. The solution is virtual and customizable for any wish.

It is possible to make 200 calls within 10 minutes.

Auto Call Centre is used by companies that care for :

- timely payments for their services

- wish to send information about leasing payments

- reminders about appointments, etc.


Implementation : starting from EUR 50,00

Subscription fee : starting from EUR 25,00

Rates: here


-Record a voice message;

-Prepare a list of telephone numbers;

-Automatic calls to previously specified numbers are made by ACC at time chosen by you; you have to prepare a file and send it to ACC e-mail;

-After an automatic call, you will receive a report on the process – answered and not answered calls.

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Our aim is to offer a more advantageous alternative solution over your existing fixed telecommunication services. We are open for new opportunities and challenges, taking care of the company, its customers and employees.