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Sales and Maintenance of Virtual or Local IP Telephony Exchanges

IComplete telephone system on the basis of network.:

An IP exchange is a complete telephone system providing inbound and outbound calls on the basis of IT data transmission network.

IP telephony is a complete telephone exchange. A virtual IP exchange is provided by using the Internet connection of your company (up to 10 work places).

Implementing the virtual telephone exchange, you may efficiently handle and control incoming and outgoing calls in your company. Local IP telephony can serve up to 150 – 200 work places, and it ensures additional functionality (including call recording, etc.)

The key functions of the main local IP telephony exchange:

- Standard functions – short dial numbers, call pick-up, call forwarding, groups, parallel calls; - Soft phone – a computer application for making and receiving calls in a computer; - IVR – interactive voice response; - Round the clock control–different modes of the telephone system: during business hours and beyond business hours; - Electronic fax – an option to send and/or receive fax messages in e-mail; - Reporting systems – analysis of outgoing/incoming calls


Implementation: free of charge*

Subscription fee : starting from EUR 1.50

*An implementation fee is applied for non-standard solutions.


In order to successfully integrate an IP telephony solution in your company, the first task we will accomplish is to ensure uninterrupted operation of the existing telephony system.

We will install a new IP telephony exchange and connect it to the existing telephone exchange, thus your digital telephony system and the IP telephony system will runconcurrently. Consequently, you will be able to migrate the users gradually.

Other services - Hardware and technical issues
Our aim is to offer a more advantageous alternative solution over your existing fixed telecommunication services. We are open for new opportunities and challenges, taking care of the company, its customers and employees.