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With the use of the VIP Callback service International calls from Latvia and abroad become much cheaper.


The Callback service was implemeted by several telecommunication companies already more than 15 years ago.

Incommin calls in roaming are significantly cheaper than outgoing in most of the mobile networks.

With the use of the Callback service client is paying his operator only the price of the incoming call in roaming but the call rate is provided by the Telegroup.

Telegroup provides significantly lower call rates than other operators.

To use the Callback service you must installl an application VIP Callback on your cell phone available in the AppStore and GooglePlay.

Using VIP Callback there is no need to change cell phone SIM card to save up on the International calls.


Installation: free of charge

Subscription fee per month: no subscription fee

International call rates: up to 75% cheaper

International call rates: here

The fee for calls from abroad to Latvia / Call charges from Latvian abroad : here

Price of call from Latvia: combined from 2 parts (1 – our call to the caller and 2 – our call to the recipient).

Price of call made in roaming: combined from 3 parts (1 – our call to the caller; 2 – rate of the incoming call of your operator in roaming; 3 - our call to the recipient).


- Install a VIP Callback application on your cell phone from AppStore or GooglePlay;

- Activate your PinCode (usually your number 3712XXXXXX);

- Connect to the internet (only to send a connection request with the recipient ~100 bits).

Please note, that while usung internet in roaming it is necessary to swith off the „Automatic updates” and switch on the „Restricting background data”.

After usuing the VIP CALLBACK app, prefferably, switch off the Internet.

Please note that Automatic updates and use of the Background data in roaming may significantly increase your bills from the mobile network provider .

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