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Virtual Office in any country of the world!

Does your business require convenient and regular communication with customers and co-operation partners in Europe and other places of the world, but your company does not have a permanent office abroad?

We have a solution!

A virtual office – an international phone number from any country of the world that will ensure mobility and reliability for your company.


Implementation: free of charge

Subscription fee : starting from 10,00 EUR

Rates: here


-The service is activated remotely within 1-3 days.

-In order to connect the number of another country, you do not have to go there.

-You just have to inform Telegroup about the country where your customers or partners are situated, and you will be allocated foreign numbers – this will function as a virtual office in any country of the world.

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Our aim is to offer a more advantageous alternative solution over your existing fixed telecommunication services. We are open for new opportunities and challenges, taking care of the company, its customers and employees.